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antirheumatic ointment

100g of the ointment contains: capsaicin (Capsaicinum) - nonylic acid vanillylamide) 0.05g; camphor (Camphora) 5.3g; turpentine oil (Terebinthinae aetheroleum) 9.7g; eucalyptic oil (Eucalypti aetheroleum) 2.5g. Ointment vehicle (Basis unguenti) ad 100.0g: lanolin, solid paraffin, liquid paraffin, white paraffin.

When rubbed into the skin, the product causes skin congestion, reddening and warming. Blood vessel dilation improves blood perfusion at the site of the pain. This causes swelling and inflammation to abate rapidly. The pain gradually eases as the inflammation subsides and the swelling goes down.

The product is used as a warming agent for muscular pain (stretching, painful muscle cramps etc.), joint pain (e.g. arthritis) and neuralgia (e.g. radiculitis, ischialgia).

Damaged skin, hypersensitivity to pepper products, salicylates or any other ingredient of the product.
Do not administer to children.

Apply over a small area. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucosae.

Recommended precautions
Do not use on damaged skin or near the mucosae. In case of accidental contact with the mucosa or the eyes, rinse with a large amount of water. In case of persisting erythema or oedema, discontinue using the product and rinse the skin with hydrogen peroxide solution or Azulan.

Pregnancy and lactation
Due to the teratogenic properties of capsaicin, do not use the product during pregnancy. Using the product during lactation is not recommended either.

Effect on driving and operating machinery
The product has no effect on the ability to drive or to operate machinery.

Interactions with other drugs
None known.

Method of administration
Gently rub a small amount of the ointment (about 0.5 - 1.0 cm) onto the site of the pain once or twice daily, but for no longer than 2 days. Wait at least 14 days before using the product on the same site. Wash your hands thoroughly after use. Do not touch your eyes or mucosae. Do not administer to children. Note: long-term use at the same site can lead to sensory nerve damage.
Do not use after the expiry date.

Side effects
Allergic reactions (e.g. urticaria) may occur. If these persist after you discontinue using the product, consult your doctor.

Store below 25°C.
Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
Package: Tube 30g.

For external use only.

Ministry of Health Marketing Authorisation No. 0220

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Before use, consult the package insert containing the indications, contraindications, adverse effects and posology, as well as any other information about using the medicinal product, or consult a doctor or pharmacist.
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